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'Keep On Going' Instrumental - Hip Hop Guitar Beat with Hook (Ft. L33)

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Instrumental to 'L33 - Keep On Going' produced by Production Prophets. You can check out the full track and music video at https://youtu.be/q4MMhVEvl-k

This beat featuring L33 on the hook, is now available on all platforms for download/ stream at https://linktr.ee/l33_music
Please feel free to download and write to it.

If you do record a remix/ cover track using this instrumental please credit L33 and Production Prophets accordingly.

For example, "Keep On Going (Remix) - 'Your Artist Name' Ft. L33. Produced by Production Prophets".

Don't forget to tag us on social media and drop the link to your track in the comments below, so we can check it out!


- https://instagram.com/l33_music
- @l33_music
- https://instagram.com/productionprophets
- @productionprophets


- https://facebook.com/musicbyL33/
- https://facebook.com/productionprophets/

Contact Email: ????

- musicbyl33@gmail.com
- productionprophets@gmail.com

(Chorus/ Hook)

Keep your head high,
Gotta keep on going,
Keep your head high,
Gotta keep on going,
Where you come from,
Yeah, you don't forget,
Never do something
You might regret.

Thanks again for listening!

Let us know if theres any other L33 x Production Prophets tracks you'd like us to release the instrumentals for.

Please show your support by leaving a like/ thumbs up ???? and drop a comment below. We appreciate it. ????


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